Fortuna-IT - Custom Magento Plugin Development Company

If you faced the lack of the standard Magento functionality while building your online shop, the best option would be Magento plugin development according to your wishes and goals. Also, it can be applied to a project with non-standard technical solutions and the implementation of non-trivial algorithms. Thus, it is necessary to integrate certain custom modules which were developed to perform particular tasks.

However, often clients ask Magento plugin developer to empower the module capabilities. There are also cases when the client needs a specific function of the module or custom the abilities of a plugin and he’s not interested to buy the whole one for the company.

Seeking a reliable Magento plugin development company?

Working together with Fortuna-IT you can be sure that quality of the services complies the demands of the latest technological standards. Our developers are ready to build and integrate modules for modern business conditions as well as provide you with a wide range of e-commerce solutions and give a high-quality support.

What do we offer?

  1. Stable working conditions. The comfort and the moderate cost are perfectly combined to satisfy all necessities of a client.
  2. Original developers’ solutions. Our company undertakes projects with any technical functionality. We do not scare of different issues, they just spur us on. Each non-standard problem needs a non-standard solution.
  3. The best result. We only develop high-quality products due to our vast experience.

Developing plugins for this CMS our company always follows the high code standards. If you have any questions about a certain service price or how to order a particular extension, please contact our managers to receive a response.