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Sometimes people who have online store launched wonder how to increase their sales as well as to reduce costs significantly due to improved distribution-to-sales ratios and improved, streamlined processes with the help of Magento 2 development.

Magento is the most powerful online store management system (CMS), based on PHP. This platform is a leader in the open source sphere of e-commerce solutions. According to some statistical data, 26% of the leading worldwide e-commerce sites are built on Magento. The widest range of functionality and unprecedented flexibility allow certified developers to build the most diverse and complex solutions.

Also, we can say that this CMS is a complicated option for a rookie user, but the wide possibilities of its functionality convince to use it in order to optimize the process of sales. It’s possible to integrate additional plugins or modules from the store with enormous price or under normal conditions as well as hire Magento 2 developer to implement client’s wishes.

This platform can be used outside of client’s country and would be useful both for a large company with more purchases and for a small one which operates, for instance, in a certain city.

It is also known that this engine is ideal for developing large online stores. It works with the help of tools that are actively used worldwide. This is a safe, high-quality, well-made version of the CMS.

Fortuna-IT – is the leading Magento 2 development company

If you are going to launch your own project and want to get the maximum profit from e-commerce activity – we are always open to the new clients.

E-commerce development is a time-consuming task, thus, our team of Magento 2 certified developers will help you not only understand the engine, but also pick the right template or module and ready to customize due to your requirements.

Why choose us?

The focal point of our work is to integrate the most powerful marketing tools at the modern world of web technologies. And this is within our power because only certified experts, who offer high-quality solutions, work in our team.

During the period of our professional activity, the company had successfully done and launched number of different projects related to the Magento 2.0 development. And there were resources of various cost types and complexity levels, ranging from most popular online stores up to corporate large-scale web-portals.

We are ready to fight for your success!

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