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Extending a helping hand in the Data Analysis part allows your analytical departments producing a higher output, that can be used to create value for your business

With the help of AI we may do deep Data Analytics, Data Engineering and… No one even realize what exactly is possible by using data science. However we may surely notice that data science open new horizons for business, technology and strategies. 

Data science is an unique solution for every business owner, implies a high-quality works under the individual requirements and features of the project. Data science helps to solve any issue and grow up the business to the new levels. 

Our data engineers using the most modern technologies to perform different tasks of any complexity.

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Our Skills

It is really hard to list all our skills and expertise. So we try to explain it that way!

BigData & Analytics

Transforming your raw technical data into clear business information

Data Engineering

Acquisition and Recording, Cleaning and Integration, Aggregation & Representation

Data Analytics

Modeling and Analysis/Interpretation

Data Presentation

Visualization / Business Intelligence

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  • 17680 Daves Ave, Monte Sereno, California, 95030
  • +1-888-646-01-78

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What can Data Engineering offer?

It is difficult to overestimate the possibilities of Data Engineering as much as it can be used with any type of business and for any type of technical task. BigData & Analytics may raise your business to a new unbelievable heights. 

  • Firms wishing to convert masses of technical data into business information
  • Companies wishing to integrate analytics tools into their daily operations
  • Manufacturers who need to collect and analyse equipment data

Fortuna-IT - a reliable outsourcing Laravel development company in the USA


  • Fortuna-IT creates a dedicated team of highly-qualified Data Scientists to set up the project in consultation with you
  • Our data experts together with DevOps team deploy Amazon and OVH ecosystems in the course of few weeks
  • Following preparation, modeling, visualisation and enrichment, we provide clear business answers derived from the raw technical data analysis
  • Fortuna-IT Data Scientists remain available for further consulting and post-project support

Fortuna-IT -Data Engineering expertise

1. Financial Services

2. Media

3. Venture Capital

4. Retail

5. Telecommunications

6. Real Estate