SEO & How it works?

What Is SEO? How It Works? Why It Can Improve Your Overall Internet Marketing Strategies?

Many underestimate SEO, although, with the right approach, it can do real miracles for your business. In this article, we’ll look at the main tasks and opportunities for SEO so that you understand what you are dealing with and learned how to apply it correctly.

For starters, what is SEO? This is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This is a whole range of practices that help search engines to function properly and place the content in the right order.

Let’s remember how often you go to the second page of the results of your search query? Probably, in 2% of cases out of 100. That is why large and small companies began to struggle for a place on the pedestal – the first line of the search query on their subjects.

All search engines use a similar system of search queries, which is why it’s easier for you to navigate to Google, just because it’s the most popular search engine. Let’s look at the statistics of the receipt of search traffic:

  • 5% Yahoo.
  • 6,5% Baidu.
  • 7% Bing.
  • 79% Google.

The leader is obvious. In this case, the algorithms of search engines are public, so they do not mind that we fought for the first lines. Moreover, you can find open recommendations for using SEO. One of the main tips that can be given is the right content. You will not be helped by anything if you offer low-quality and uninteresting content or product to your potential customers or followers.

There are many items with different effects on SEO and they all can make your site more or less popular. We will talk about them in this article.

How Search Engine Optimization Works (SEO)

Search engines are based on algorithms that are always trained and updated. Google releases several hundred new updates so that we do not relax and could not deceive the system. Therefore, if you think you can do SEO and forget about it, you are mistaken.

In order to determine your place in the arrangement of the search query, the bots scan your website and analyze how far it approaches this key. This contain keywords for articles, URLs, rubrics, etc. In addition to the content, search engines analyze the technical state of the site: metadata, download speed, the life of the website and even the code.

How SEO can help your marketing

These facts means that SEO is a vital part of all Internet marketing of any business. Search engines can reward you for good content in the first line, or completely block for wrong actions. Let’s see how to get the maximum profit from this.

On-Page SEO

Search engine optimization on the pages of the site is the optimization of everything that is contained on this very page. For example, text, formatting, images, technical tags and much more.
Formatting is responsible not only for the correct perception of content by people but also helps to establish the relevance of content. The text should be easy to read and attractive.

An easy-to-read text means that it should be written in plain language without complex sentences that people will not understand. People should not leave the page immediately after they switch to it. The main thing is interesting and unique content that will hook them. Remember that you should not come up with complex concepts – speak in simple conversational language, so that people understand you.

What exactly do we mean by proper formatting? First, the headings (H1, H2, H3, CSS, etc.) show the search engine that the text is formatted and broken into certain sub-themes, which characterizes the text as easily readable. Another important point is the keywords. They help the search engine determine that the content of the text is the same as the tags and the title and also indexes the text for output in search queries.

The most important keywords that fully characterize the content of the page, it is better to insert in the first paragraphs, because the beginning of the text always plays the most important role.

Technical SEO

Do not forget about the technical component of SEO-analytics. If your site complies with all standard technical parameters and has no errors in operation, this will bring you closer to the first line of search queries much faster.

The most important technical aspects are the download speed of the site, properly configured code and the overall functionality of the site. The longer your site is loaded, the less bounce you have. The download speed of a site should not exceed 3 seconds in an ideal, and 5 seconds threaten you with a large number of refusals on search queries. 10 seconds at all make your site “dead.”

To check the download speed of your site, you can find many special free programs that comprehensively analyze the site for compliance with SEO.


That set of short content of a link to your site that is displayed when you publish a link in social networks, and there are metadata pages. This is downloaded automatically, depending on how you set the content of the page on the site. The task of metadata is not only to look beautiful on Facebook or Twitter but also to show search engines the content of the page.

Metadata is taken from the page code and is based on keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and robots.txt. It’s important not to lose sight of all these characteristics if you want to get quality content that the search engine will appreciate.

Meta Keywords

After site owners began to abuse the number of keywords in the metadata and literally break down the system, with the help of which they could earn on unfair content, the number of disgruntled users of Google increased. After all, when they crossed the link, they did not see what the keywords were. After that Google promised to strictly control all the content of the sites and block those that do not comply with the rules.

That’s why Google now indexes not only the main keywords in the headlines and tags but also the full content of all the content on the page, to check it for compliance.

Tag Title

A lot depends on the title tag. It fully displays the content of the page and can not only attract a search engine but also be an excellent tool for attracting users. Therefore, it is so important to select the right headlines that will satisfy both SEO and potential customers.

In this picture, we see an example of how the name tag looks and the meta description under it. The title should not exceed 70 characters with spaces and punctuation, and the description should not exceed 150 characters.

Inbound Links

Inbound links lead users from other sources to your website. If you have incoming links from other authoritative resources, this increases the trust of search engines to your site. Therefore, use the opportunity to advertise your site on other known platforms.

Benefits of SEO

We dealt with the main points of SEO, now let’s find out what benefit it will bring us in fact.

Increased traffic

Branding is extremely important for business today. And the main modern source of brand promotion is the Internet. If people need a product or service, they do not go to the store but type in Google search query. More than 92% of all products and services that are purchased on the Internet are carried out by means of search engines and this should definitely persuade you to do SEO promotion.

If you are on the first lines of search queries, people find you easier and faster, so your traffic increases. In addition, if you are attracting a lot of traffic initially, not yet appearing on the first lines of Google, by this you attract the interest of search engines. It’s natural that search engines want to move forward those who are already reading and watching users.


Technology goes to the level where Google knows everything about you and your company. It scans your site, your profiles on social networks, code, content, reviews about your company and much more. Soon, we will not be able to fool Google and we will have to accept the fact that the quality of the content and the product we provide is the only way to stay in demand.

Tools for tracking the progress of SEO

You do not need to be an expert and thoroughly study programming in order to understand SEO. You can use special programs designed to facilitate your progress with SEO. Among them:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • MOZ
  • SEMrush
  • SpyFu

Why Search Engine Optimization is important for all businesses

Today, no company can do without advertising on the Internet. And SEO is the tool that gives real results. The more you pay to this time, the less money and time you will spend on third-party advertising in the future, because Google will do everything for you and bring traffic to your site.

Let’s see 7 advantages of SEO:

  • Duration of the result. To achieve the goals set, a minimum of 5-6 months is required. At the end of this period, the site will be at the top of the search for some more time, even without advancement.
  • Trust in the brand. Sites that are located in the top lines of searches cause the user much more confidence. So the positive image of the company is formed.
  • Short payback period. The attraction of visitors to the site and their conversion to customers with a monthly increase in the amount allows you to recoup investments in the CEO for 1 year after the start of work.
  • Real results. The efficiency of optimization work cannot be estimated approximately, but very accurately. To do this, use specialized online tools.
  • Formation of customer loyalty. Quality content allows not only to attract, but also to retain the client.
  • The budget for website promotion is formed individually, so for each company, the optimal offer will be selected.
  • Convenient navigation. As part of the optimization, a user-friendly site structure is created.

Do not be lazy and learn this topic in more detail so that you can compete for the first line of Google because it can bring you new customers who will bring profit to your company.

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