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How To Develop An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy To Increase Conversions Revenue Fast?

Marketing is a rapidly developing direction, which came to us in just a couple of decades. The largest companies to date, such as The Coca-Cola and McDonalds’, were one of the first companies in the world to take advantage of the right and thoughtful marketing, so they grew to such a huge scale and spread all over the world.
Today the best marketing is digital marketing. Technologies are rapidly growing, developing and giving small and large businesses huge opportunities to promote their brand and provide a wide audience. Let’s see what good and bad digital marketing is.
First, you can not quickly and easily build a correct and effective marketing company without training, knowledge and time spent (and money). Please do not think that in 30 minutes you can sketch out a plan for a piece of paper, pay advertising posts to bloggers and you will get a million profit. You have too many competitors who will surely do it better than you.
Therefore, before you begin, find out the main questions:

  • Who is your target customer?
  • What purpose does your company intend to achieve?

Next, start planning. Remember: you can not make the right decisions, prioritize, and perform tasks correctly without planning. In marketing, as in business, it is simply impossible.
Do not start developing a marketing strategy without answering these two questions. It would be pointless as well, like launching a product that you have not yet come up with. With certain goals and understanding of what the client wants from you, you can understand exactly how you need to act and what actions to take, because marketing is not something that is patterned and one strategy can work differently for different businesses.
Be interested in why your product attracts your customers. Ask them directly what they think about the product and the company that highlights your product among others. When you learn about your strengths, you can use them to attract new customers. Analyze your audience and find out what exactly it can be interesting for them and how they want to see the product. It depends on many factors: their location, age, preferences, earnings and much more. Do not just rely on the fact that if you love your product, then all people will love it. Take a course on one audience, and then expand it.
After you have defined your audience and analyzed it, set specific goals. The goal is to bring a certain result at a certain time. That is, you must link the needs of your audience and the chosen marketing strategy, and then set a goal that you must come to after you implement your campaign. You should not just spend money on marketing and do not expect anything from it. Therefore, in advance, think through the strategy, do it and get the result.

How to achieve effective marketing?

A marketing campaign is a whole system of different practices that will lead you to its main and global goal – sales. You should pay attention to so many factors. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and conversion rates are two digital marketing whales that you need to master. Let’s now take a look at what steps to take towards an effective campaign.

Follow proven methods

Do not rely on your intuition and do not trust the “sixth sense”, which proves to you that you must “do it your way.” No. Follow your target audience, follow your goals and study, study, study. Only concrete actions based on facts and professionalism will give you a concrete result.

Track progress

Do not let things go by themselves and do not wait for the deadline to see the result. Follow the development of events and every week make reports about what the result brought you marketing and what profit you got. Watch for changes, because you may also need to make adjustments to the plan on time.

Determine the desired result

Set a whole chain of small goals that combine into one big goal. Thus, you will quickly and easily come to this, and also be able to quickly navigate and understand what you need to do.

Keep realistic goals

Your campaign depends on your budget, time and other funds invested. This means that you should adhere to realistic goals that you can achieve. That is, do not think that you can do everything in one go.
An optimal and efficient marketing strategy for your business goals is a Digital marketing
Digital marketing is a type of marketing that covers a large number of different tools. These include social media, blogs, and websites, emailing, SEO, collaborations and everything where you can advertise your product online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Since the search engines have complicated the algorithms for issuing search queries, we should carefully approach this issue. Remember the main rule: if your content is qualitative in itself, then you have already done 50% of the work with SEO. Next, you only need to establish the correct technical specifications in accordance with the requirements of search engines. All this you can study on your own, but we recommend that you contact a specialist.
Many underestimate the value of SEO but wait a while before launching a marketing campaign, people should be able to easily find you on Google. We already wrote more about what you need to pay attention to when you make your site adaptive to search engines, so you should read this article. More than 93% of traffic to any site comes from search engines.

How to use SEO as an effective marketing strategy

Choose one specific niche in which you will promote your product or service. Absolutely all well-known companies and entrepreneurs recommend doing so – start small. This rule is used in SEO – select keys with a long tail to reduce competition. Use keys that contain at least 4 words.
Choose the optimally long text on the site, this will be characterized as high-quality content for search engines. But do not forget also about users who should be comfortable reading it. A blog on your site with thematic articles will help increase traffic on your site. Even if people do not use your services, but read your blog, this will bring traffic, which means that search engines will be more loyal to you.


You must use email in marketing very (very much!) carefully. Users do not like spam, so if you obsessively send messages to your customers about promotions, and you can not interest them with an attractive offer, you will lose customers.
People very easily unsubscribe from what they do not like. Therefore, you should ideally think over the concept of all your letters for distribution, so that customers do not roll their eyes with the words “oh, again this spam,” and were interested in what you are offering them in such a beautiful and stylish letter. Yes, it is very important.
There are a lot of designers with which you can create a good letter. Use them if you are not able to hire a professional marketer.

Content marketing and blogs

Today even entrepreneurs are trying to start their own blog to be popular on social networks. This could seem like a silly occupation for teenagers 5 years ago, but not today. This is an active source of profit, which attracts additional customers to your core business. You increase the trust of customers when you show your face publicly.
For the blog to produce results, you need to update it regularly. Remember: a blog that has not had updates for a week is considered not competitive. But now we are talking about SEO and it should be canceled that the blog on the company’s website also has great value. You should take care of the quality of content and attract readers to your site. Believe me, this will give its results.
Let’s look at the statistics of the blogging results:

  • If you make posts at least 4 times a week, the traffic of your site is increased 3.5 times.
  • Sites that have a blog receive 70% more orders.
  • The blog improves conversions and sales for the first two weeks of launch.
  • People trust your blog in 80% (so take care of its quality so as not to disappoint potential customers).

Social networks are a cost-effective marketing tool

Today social networks rule the business. This is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools that bring profit because social networks have a large live audience. Also here you will find a large number of targeting options.
By the way, you can use all the platforms at once: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Daily write posts, do collaborations with other bloggers and try to increase the audience of your profiles.
Platforms provide us with profitable planned advertising campaigns, so you can start with any budget. For example, on Facebook, you can set the date and time of publications, as well as choose the time for displaying advertising publications.

Video Content Marketing

We have left this type of marketing for the last time because it is the most expensive, but the most effective. A good video is worth about a couple of thousand dollars, but, believe me, it will pay itself off very quickly with the right advertising.
The first place to stay, which comes to mind, is YouTube. And this is the right decision. Youtube is the most visited site with a huge amount of live audience, which response faster than the rest to beautiful ads. The only thing – you should try very hard to make the video better than thousands of other competitors.
That’s all the basic marketing tools that you should take advantage of on the Internet. You commit a crime for your business if you still do not advertise it online and risk losing your competitors. Follow our articles to learn more about marketing.

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