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Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Which Programs Can Help You Get Started?

Not many people know the meaning of affiliate marketing or just can’t even imagine its complex concept. In fact, it can help you save your money and generate a budget solely in effective advertising. Here you can pay only for the result and we’ll tell you how it works.

The Meaning of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the promotion through the media sources. The basis of this strategy is based on the receipt of the commission from each client, who switched to the advertised link, and also, perhaps, performs certain actions stipulated in the terms of the contract with the advertiser.

In this marketing, there are various structures, as well as several key figures: advertisers, affiliates, and affiliate networks. To start promoting your brand through this strategy, you can use an affiliate network. It is the network that connect the advertiser and the owner of the advertised product.

If you are an advertiser, you will get the interest from each user who clicks on an advertising banner, makes a purchase on the site of the advertised product or other specified actions of the client. To do this, you need to be sure that your audience is the target for the advertised product.

If you are a customer of affiliate advertising, you have the opportunity to spend your budget only on the advertisement that works. This is an uncompromising option for those who want to see the result. You will never lose money if you choose the right affiliate marketing program.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing gives advertisers many opportunities to sell their own product. It is clear that the more sites you have, the more you will have buyers. Especially if your sites are themed. The only thing that remains for the advertiser is to find sites where his product will be in place, and where his target audience lives. Another advantage of the advertiser is that he gets more and more buyers, without wasting his precious time on their involvement. Plus, various customers who come to the advertiser’s website from different partner pages can tell him a lot about the trends in demand for his products.

Yes, this business is considered a good way to get spin-off through a personal site. And some advertisers’ banners are promoted even in the design of their site. At the same time, these banners are capable of producing sales, they are capable of producing real money. In addition, partners can have an additional source of income without initial investment (this can not be done in any other legal form of the business). It is not necessary to invest in the development of your own product, you do not have to worry about the support of users (buyers), about accounting and about the organization of e-commerce in general. Here, in affiliate marketing, all these are engaged by the advertiser. The partner only needs to sell and promote the product. For clients

The advantage that affiliate marketing gives a client, of course, is that he can get a solution to his problem, that is, to find what he needs. Without the help of partners, he is the fastest, he would have searched much longer. But this is only if the product or service has actually turned out to be exactly what it claims to be.

It is hard for an advertiser to pay the highest commission, of course, and of course, it is not cheap for him to set up and run an affiliate program, and even to support it. Yes, and partners often engage in unscrupulous advertising and lies, in order to get their commission. This means that the partners sometimes overestimate the quality of the advertised product or service, or simply exaggerate them greatly. When this happens, the advertiser usually gets a bunch of complaints from deceived customers (which he himself is not at all guilty of) and loses potential buyers.

Sometimes dishonest advertisers simply turn off affiliate programs without informing partners. Even worse, when they disappear to nowhere without paying commission. There are also advertisers who lure new partners, promising them the highest level of commissions, and later, in a week or two, seriously reduce them. In addition, from time to time, users who steal affiliate links interfere, and then the partners do not receive commissions, everything goes to the thief. In this niche, there are many more methods to deceive each other and clients, including unfair advertising, criminal use of trademarks, logos and other fraud related to the criminal use of other people’s materials. Despite these shortcomings, affiliate programs are still considered one of the best methods of earning in the network.

How does it work?

Affiliate marketing seems to others a complex and lengthy process, but we need to understand it to see how it’s easy and effective. For example, if you are an advertiser and you have a website for advertising, as well as an active audience, you need to find others who will advertise on your platform.

It’s quite easy to connect the affiliate network to ensure your access to customers and to cooperate with marketing partners. Also, the clients can contact you directly to negotiate an individual transaction.

Advertisers affiliate marketers can do the opposite – offer their advertising platforms to manufacturers and entrepreneurs to advertise their product. They can find such customers on websites like ClickBank or CJ Affiliate.

A separate topic for conversation is affiliate marketing in social networks. Famous personalities or blog owners can give their individual ads in their profiles on social networks. They can provide customers with advertising statistics on their account and proof of audience activity to attract customers. Customers, in turn, need to understand if they have a niche that a blogger or an account holder in a social network occupies.

An affiliate link is the address of the site of the advertised product for the advertiser, containing an identifier that records that the client came from this advertiser and allows you to track the effectiveness of advertising of a particular source.

About Cookies

The user’s journey can be monitored and analyzed. For example, a potential buyer went to the page, scanned the product and even added it to the shopping cart. But he did not make a purchase.

Do not rush to create panic and think that the product is bad and not interesting to buyers if most of them do not make a purchase. This is normal. And if a person just looked at the product, and then went to the site in a month and made a purchase, then the advertiser, from whose site this client came, still got his interest thanks to cookies.

What are cookies? These are the elements that store information about the user in his browser. That’s why you can often see on the sites a message about preventing the use of your cookies. Cookies are responsible for commercials and banners on the Internet, which magically guessed your preferences. In fact, they just use your early search queries.

Affiliate Marketing or Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing and Influencer-marketing have much in common. However, they also have a lot of differences, which we are going to consider.

First, Influencer-marketing relies on the objective popularity and recognition of that person or platform where the product is advertised. At the same time, if we apply to affiliate marketing on these sites, we will be able to see a completely different impact of the audience and see how many customers the advertiser actually brings.

Therefore, we are sure that affiliate marketing is the most beneficial offer for you if you value your money. However, this may not appeal to advertisers. As for advertisers, as a rule, they publish proposals on Influencer advertising and on the other side of the barricades also work with affiliate programs. It is profitable and allows to cover all customers.

Affiliate marketing is also a source of passive income. You do not need to do anything and talk constantly about one product. You started advertising once, people pay attention to it and you get your money.

How To Promote Affiliate Marketing Products

Now let’s see how we can promote affiliate marketing products. We have collected advice for you, which we use ourselves.

First of all, you should not rely on the most popular sites or blogs, but on your target audience. Think about whether your product can really be of interest to the audience of the site where you publish your advertisement?

You can offer affiliate marketing via e-mail. Make a mailing with an indication of why customers should order your advertisement, show the statistics of the views and indicate your target user. Also, specify the conditions for placing affiliate advertising on your site.

Tips to make it work

The affiliate marketing environment is still being studied and developing, but we can already apply the knowledge that is known to marketers. We can identify several basic conditions for the successful conduct of affiliate marketing campaigns.

To begin with, of course, you need to develop an environment where you can promote other products. Affiliate marketing is closely related to the promotion of the site and the target audience. Simply put, without an audience, it’s pointless to give such advertising, because it will not bring results, and hence money.

Do not try to reach all users, to start, select one niche, and then expand the audience if necessary. If you create a platform for the sale of advertising, choose the niche that can cover a large audience. Also, you should carefully study all the methods of affiliate marketing and choose the most suitable.

Also, watch the movement of your audience. For example, it’s good if your audience is located in the same city or country. It attracts customers who sell goods in one demographic area. Advertise your site for a specific audience. In addition, you can use the following methods to promote your site:

Social Media

Social media can play several roles for you: you can promote your platform here, and then sell advertising through affiliate networks. Here you can find a large audience, choose the right one, and also find customers for any niche.


SEO-optimization will help you find new users, and therefore, attract more clicks for affiliate campaigns. You need traffic to your site, and SEO brings more than 80% of traffic with a properly configured website. Do not neglect the optimization of the site and learn our article about SEO-promotion.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an advertising tool that can be used for different purposes. You can start advertising your site by email to your potential visitors, and then offer affiliate advertising to potential customers.

Do not send letters without working on the concept. You need to create a full-fledged email campaign that will attract people, will have a goal and results. Remember that your task is to interest people, and not to force them to send you to Spam.

Familiarity With Basic User Interface and User Experience

Web design is important. Today you can track a user’s journey and understand why users love or dislike your site. This will help you make your site more attractive, get users to buy services and improve the impression of your site. Use these opportunities to attract more attention to the audience, which can bring you more money and raise the price tag for advertising.


And the last thing you really need is quality content. Even if you are creating a website with the goal of earning money on this, you will not be able to publish high-quality content and get good money for it. You have too many competitors who can provide something better than you.

Do not spare the time and money to create a good platform for advertising, it is the quality of content that attracts the audience, and the number of active audiences affects how much you can earn.

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