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FashionLady project is one of successful wordpress development projects with our dedicated wordpress team outsourced. The website looked not very nice when we 1st saw it. It was real challenge to redesign it and optimize without braking it`s SEO ranks. A lot of SEO and front-end staff was hardcoded into the theme. We approved this challenge and now we are proud of the results.

Process of wordpress development

First of all we inspected the whole website code and find out that it is using one of a great themes developed by our partners and good friends on However the theme was old enough and based on outdated framework. After a short discussion with their 24/7 technical support we found out that client stopped with their support. Also we found out that he outsourced the latest maintenance and changes to some free-lance developers and studios, which caused major issues and low quality of production and development. Later it caused SEO ranking issues also.

So we had to save this project and store by making it great again! And we did it. Of course we made staging environment to make our wordpress development easily manageable. and we started working with a few teams parallel to improve the website as fast as just possible.

  1. SEO team moved all hard-coded keywords, items, descriptions into WP CMS + optimized it by using Yoast SEO plugin.
  2. Our UI/UX designers made a new concept of a front-end design and approved it with the customer.
  3. Back-end team prepared fully new theme framework + developed a couple of new plugins to realize the new programming which was a part of a new concept.
  4. After the design approval Front-end team started their development to finalize the job of other 3 teams into 1 perfect final result.
  5. After the new website demo approved with the customer we deployed the changes to the customer`s website.


After the website deployment conversion of a customers into real purchases grow up for more them 2,5 times. But that is not just it:

  • Returned customers grow up from 1.2% to 6.8%
  • Average check grew up for $30
  • Abandoned cart amount reduces from 18% to 7%
  • Standard session of a customer who made no purchase lasted 2.5-3 minutes with 4-12 pages watched which made a great background for retargeting.


  • SEO works took 40 hours
  • UI/UX design – 80
  • back-end development (including 3 plugins creation) – 230 hours
  • Front-end development – 70 hours

So Total budget for those 420 hours development + QA and PM was $10k
Of course that is high enough budget, but finally investments returned just within the 1st month of a work and doubled themselves by an appropriate retargeting campaign.

How to get wordpress development project?

If you wish to get same project please feel free to contact our friendly staff. We will gladly help you to manage the whole project from A to Z.
We will contact you back with the short and interesting list of questions about your project and idea. Of course we sign NDA easily just by your request to start discussing the project. After getting all necessary information our managers will help you to create starter technical task with the wireframes. Of course we may do Business analysis for you also.

Then the only thing you should do is to check the design drafts, and look onto how fast we are doing wordpress development for you. You will notice how new features become live on your website and how cool they are realized on a Front-end with the help of our talented designers.

Stay modern with us as much as we fight for your success!

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