Wedding template web design

We had so much projects from time to time that we totally forget that we are still web design company. A few month ago one of our developers started planning his wedding with his beautiful bride (which is a part of our team also). And of course he wanted to find beautiful website template to create their own website for this beautiful day. And that was a real surprise. There were no such a beautiful templates as his bride.  And finally our LeadPM told us: Guys, we are a web development company. We may create it from scratch. It`s not just the case of our friend. We should also offer it to other couples which is searching for good wedding website. So here we are.


for now we have ready PSD, HTML, WordPress version. Of course we may also develop it in a few different variations more bu customer`s request.

How to get custom web design?

Here we are showing a few screenshots of this beautiful design. Such a custom web design creation for any your specific request will take about 80-160 hours of our professional UI/UX designer work.   If you wish to get same project please feel free to contact our friendly staff. We will gladly help you to manage the whole project from A to Z.
We will contact you back with the short and interesting list of questions about your project and idea. Of course we sign NDA easily just by your request to start discussing the project. After getting all necessary information our managers will help you to create starter technical task with the wireframes. Of course we may do Business analysis for you also.

Then the only thing you should do is to check the design drafts, and look onto how fast we are doing web design development for you. You will notice how new features become live on your website and how cool they are realized on a Front-end with the help of our talented designers.

Stay modern with us as much as we fight for your success!


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