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Top 10 Trends in Mobile Design in 2018

Mobile development absorbs the digital world. Ok, we’re exaggerating right now, but just see how many trends you can see recently. The current period of technology development is extremely important for us because this creates the foundation for our future. Let’s consider what trends in mobile design we can observe recently.


1. Time-saving design

In 2018 people more than ever appreciate their time and count every minute because it’s so valuable. Since this is the main feature of our generation, apps should also work on the principle of “better and faster”. Developers pursue this goal when creating applications.

Linear user journey

Such a design is a custom journey that guides the user to the desired point in a fixed order so the user simply follows the directions, without making a choice and without thinking what to do. Thus, you take away part of the user’s work on yourself, he spends fewer resources on using your product and remains satisfied.

Simplify user journey

Another way to make a user’s life easier is to just simplify the design by abandoning objectively unnecessary functions. Do not make the user think – this is the main development slogan in 2018.

Neutral interfaces and content-oriented experience

If earlier we could see bright and complex designs, today the best design is a simple design. Users have become too overwhelmed by the number of different information products, so bright and flashy pictures cause only unpleasant associations. That is why minimalism and the absence of distractions prevail in modern design.

Progressive disclosure

The method of progressive disclosure is based on the same principles of congestion of the user. Since modern applications and sites contain too much information, the method suggests displaying this information in turn, i.e. filtering the amount of information consumed.

User Location Determination

Tracking user data, in general, has become typical for applications and website development. For example, if you are engaged in delivering things in a certain city, then the search engines will display your site for users from the target city. This applies to other businesses that automatically determine our address which greatly simplifies our search for the necessary goods and services.


Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg were among the first to notice this problem of the modern world – the excess of information that comes to us during the day from various information resources. And the main symptom is the fatigue from making daily decisions; what to wear to me today, what iron to buy me, what kind of food I should order, etc. We have such a great choice that we just get tired of it.

Apps that require the adoption of a large number of decisions will lose in advance in the modern world. Developers should ensure that the user does a minimum of actions: instant payment for the goods, lack of a large form of registration, etc.

2. Brand differentiation

But the problem of simplifying the mobile interfaces is that uniqueness and individuality fades into the background, and developers now have the problem of creating truly memorable designs. For brands, uniqueness and recognition are extremely important, as this creates a general impression of the product and creates a liking for buyers. Let’s look at what techniques designers have started to use to solve this problem.


Recently, developers have revised their view of the printing house and concluded that the fonts create the mood of the whole design. It is extremely important to understand that all details are important, and the printing house is also important, such as images or a layout. Therefore, designers not only use other fonts but also create completely new ones.


Animation has gradually entered the design of websites and apps. Now, we can observe dynamic images on the main page or chaotically moving objects in the whole design. It attracts attention but does not overload the user’s impression if the animation is added according to the previous rules about minimalism.

3. The rise of gestures

The release of the iPhone X has definitely made a difference in mobile design. Now most applications will be focused on the design without gestures, since we do not have a Home button now. Other smartphone manufacturers cannot ignore this trend so other operating systems will also consider this feature – the design is now based on gestures.

Openness and Learning

Despite the growing popularity and promise of using gestures in mobile development, designers will have some problems with this. The fact is that creating an application with a hard interface and convenience simultaneously requires a lot of time and costs. Most likely, with time, there will be “standard” gestures for all designers in order for users to use the familiar actions.

4. EI

We have crossed that level of technology when the relationship between man and machine was confined to something mediocre. Now technologies occupy such a huge part of a person’s life that they can influence its quality! That’s why we can not fail to take into account such an important trend as emotional intelligence (EI), which is responsible for ensuring that the user receives only positive emotions from using the application.

New ways of expressing emotions

One of the vivid examples of a new way of expressing emotions in the mobile world is Animoji. They did not oust the familiar emoticons from our life, but they made it clear that the developers will look for more and more new transmissions of human emotions in the digital world. Who knows, maybe someday we will be able to fully and in detail convey our emotion through a smartphone.


Gamification is not about games as such but about the implementation of the game world in other user applications. For example, game elements are added to applications to make the user experience more fun. Also, earlier “gaming” platforms for game development are now used to create all the applications which allow us to take a fresh look at the development as a whole.

7. Smart personalization

Users are so used to a lot of information products that they literally began to overstate their expectations. They no longer want to see similar applications because in our time we value individuality. That’s why developers need to resort to new solutions to make sure that the user was confident that the application was designed specifically for his needs.

Valuable push notifications

Push notifications are not a new phenomenon but their format has changed significantly. Now, developers do not just simple promotions but set up notifications for individual preferences of the user. Everything is based on personal preferences, location, search queries for the user, etc.

8. Offline-first experiences

Many users have long been indignant about the fact that most applications cannot work from an Internet connection. Developers finally paid attention to this problem. To improve the level of quality of custom travel, apps are adjusted for offline mode. for example, cards can work without a network.

9. Non-cash payments

We can observe the gradually growing popularity of non-cash payments. Previously, users had a lack of confidence in the payment of goods and services on the Internet but now they are inclined to make an instant online purchase. This means that an application without cashless payment will play the application beforehand to such a function.

10. Augmented reality

Augmented reality is what brings us closer to a high-performance digital future. You can be sure that this will change the world. Mobile development in the near future will be maximally integrated with augmented reality.

Technology is ready to accept AR

Following the development of augmented reality, the devices began to change their functions according to the new rules. Firstly, it concerns the screens of new devices which allow creating high-quality AR-applications. Secondly, AR frameworks (ARKit and ARCore) also facilitate the convenient creation and use of such applications.



From all this, we can conclude that over the past few years we have made significant progress in technology and every day they are increasingly changing this world. We can not fail to mention that we must adapt to it and integrate all our developments with user requests.

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