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The 7 Best Tech Websites Engaging Consumers In 2018

Websites have become a kind of art. When the developers realized that it is possible to make a good or bad design, they race for the best and popular. New sites look diverse, they try to stand out among the crowd and combine many different design methods; dynamic elements, seamless layouts, marketing techniques; all this allows you to create the perfect user travel.

The industry is developing very fast, and business is even faster. Websites have become the main business card of the brand, which is why marketers are fighting for the best designs and implementing technologies for one purpose; their customer must earn more money. That’s right, the site should be not only beautiful and interesting, but also, first of all, to make a profit.

Let’s see what the best website looks like in 2018, inspire and evaluate the best of the best.

Top 10 websites

1. Sonos

Sonos is the iPhone in the world of wireless sound systems. You may not like it, but the company has millions of fans around the world. Not surprisingly, it needs a powerful design and marketing.

For this company, it was enough to create a site that will be admired by the best designers from all over the world. Sonos is guided by the comfortable use of the platform and minimalism. They did not add anything superfluous and, it seems, did not try to do something that would amaze the users. Its site is discreet, calm and at the same time as modern as possible.

So it seems to you first. But then you notice how the site becomes dynamic and bright, finding new shades in the form of amazing videos, perfect pictures, and minimalistic but original elements. That’s what an ideal user journey is.

The site displays its potential user – modern, thinking and versed in trends. This is exactly what the client can attract. Good job!

2. Tesla

Everything that Tesla does is a legend. They do not need a presentation, which is why we will skip all the details about the company and move on to the main topic – their website.

The design of the site Tesla well reflects the style of the company – bold, original, technological. We are greeted by a spectacular video clip, the main character in which is the new Tesla car.

The main design feature of this website is visualization. They do not provide much text but visually display all the information. Excellent quality photos in the interactive movement, car disassembly schemes, and graphics – all this causes confidence in everything the company does.

In fact, even if the company had not such a dramatic website, buyers would still love their cars. But their design in Internet marketing shows how accurate and reverent they are about their product.

3. Apple

Another big player, but in another field of activity. Who, if not Apple, should have the most technological and interactive design? The company did the design already in those days of the great Steve Jobs when no one even knew what Internet design really was. Like all of its products, Apple made a revolutionary website in its time. He was the discoverer. However, in our time, this is just another best site …

Yes, they bet on their style – simplicity and quality. It is fair to note that Apple is updating the site design, but they do not go far from their origins. The design is still as simple and high-quality as possible. It seems that this is their trick – to make the revolution slowly. While others come up with sophisticated designs, Apple simply adds new, but extremely innovative elements to what they already have.

As is customary on “high society” sites, high-resolution images, minimal text, and more visualization dominate here. Loud promises are replaced by simple advantages of the company’s products, and the advantages are described briefly, but very accurately and attractively.

4. Amazon

The Amazon site is not just a demonstration of products, but also a direct sale. Therefore, we must judge him much stricter. There are no interactive elements and innovative design solutions. The site is too simple and understandable. And this is good.

An online store is a platform for a wide audience. Given the scale of the Amazon audience, the requirements should be even higher. Therefore, the company is limited to simple design and focuses on maximum ease of use. Minimalism in the layout, color solutions, and icons is compensated by a large number of different products on the pages. This is good in terms of marketing.

Modest design colors are chosen to pay attention to the bright colors of the goods, and the best offers fall into the largest icons. Someone will say that the site looks obsolete, but no. You can not judge the biggest online store in the world. We can only learn from them.

The conclusion that we can make from adding an Amazon site to this collection is not all that glitters. You need to be able to identify the audience and do exactly what suits them, and not what is popular in general.

5. BMW

If Tesla itself represents new technologies and the future, then old people like BMW need to work hard to crawl into the future. And you know, they get it. One of the leading automobile companies quickly realized that Internet marketing is an important part of modern business and made one of the best sites.

Let’s admit that the BMW site is still inferior to the aforementioned Tesla. Eo does not look so dynamic and bright, we do not think that they are faster than everyone in the future. But let’s remember the audience’s rule and consider it carefully.

The site perfectly displays the style of the company and its character. Restrained, while a bit aggressive and self-confident. We see their original simple logo, low-key offers and high-quality photos of new models. What else do you need? For their customers, this is enough.

They are guided by potential buyers – restrained and wealthy people from high society who do not want to see unnecessary elements on the site. That’s why marketing is important.

6. Sony

Sony is a perpetual producer of professional and household appliances. They do, it seems, absolutely everything, but their main direction is entertainment and game consoles, so the site must correspond to the technologies.

Once you go to the site, you are shown that Sony is everywhere. Here news about products, online games, a new clip of Christina Aguilera or articles and tips. The audience is young people who are fond of modern technologies.

You can describe this website as harsh and dramatic. There are no unnecessary details, only the main buttons and a grid of bright news. In general, the pages look fun due to modern and youth news, but clearly shows the chosen style of the company.

7. Netflix

Everybody loves Netflix. This is a company that delivers streaming multimedia and provides us with excellent evenings in the company with your favorite movies and TV shows. For a perfect evening, enough pizza and Netflix!

But let’s talk about design. The design of the website is perfectly thought out. It is dark and at the same time bright, it adjusts the user to view. We can observe a simple registration form and a subscription offer. But to get access to all the platform capabilities and see what you get, you need to register. This is a little disappointing, but still pushes for purchase.

When you buy a subscription, you get all the benefits for which Netflix liked users – excellent navigation, recommendations for viewing, a nice interface. We take off our hat before the work that the designers of this site have thought out.


Let’s draw a conclusion on the basis of this selection of the best sites in 2018. As we can see, high technologies and complex interfaces are not always appropriate if we are talking about a large-scale audience. Perhaps some users are not yet ready for radical change and are ready to use the old sites to which they are accustomed. This is one of the key foundations of design for today – do not overload the user with complex things that they are not familiar with. Do so that they get a simple and enjoyable custom trip.

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