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Client: Tours4U

Sector: Travelling

Market(s): WorldWide


In the recent years, we have seen the rise of ‘travel’ as one of the most profitable niches as far as online businesses are concerned. Owing to the ease of booking international flights, buses and hotels to car rentals online, millions of people set out to explore the earth. Reports indicate that the travel industry is at an all-time high, and this has opened up a wide range of business opportunities for travel companies, new and old alike.



There are a lot of hot, cheap and nice travel deals on the Internet now. However, not all of them have been checked and verified, so one can get scammed easily and forget about the tickets Internet purchases forever. Also, the interfaces usability and accessibility of the tickets leave to deserve better. Of course, this sphere requires more user-friendly and reliable websites and applications which are being launched now to provided maximum level of the user confidence and information reliablity.


An aggregator is a website that searches for deals across multiple websites and shows you the results in one place. For example, if you wanted to find a cheap flight from New York City to London, you could sit down and check American Airlines and then British Airways and then Iceland Air and then... or you could just head to a website like Tours4U, which will check hundreds of airlines at once and show you which one is the cheapest.



Tours4U rely on online travel agencies, hotel and flight company websites to pull the data to be shown for user queries. It helps the users get an overall picture of the rates and availability across multiple vendors without actually visiting different websites. All they have to do is enter their journey dates and the website would provide them with data aggregated from multiple sources. In a recent survey conducted by a leading travel site, about 50% of the respondents agreed that the convenience provided by meta search engines is invaluable in their travel booking experience.