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Client: Sufio platform

Sector: eCommerce SAAS

Market(s): Worldwide


Launched years ago, Shopify and BigCommerce platforms are the leading ecommerce platforms for online businesses of all types and sizes.
They provides plenty of built-in features as well as many apps and plugins available in the app store. Also they allows you to sell on multiple marketplaces like Amazon and eBay or social media channels online.



Due to some eCommerce platforms (Shopify and BigCommerce) lack of flexibility, we have received a plenty of similar requests for automatic invoices creation and personalization.
Nice and company-identified or personalized invoices helps store owners to stand out and promote their brand at the same time. There are a lot of invoice templates at the time. However, there are a few of professionally-designed invoice templates which could be presonalied directly from the browser and created\sent automatically without any code or design skills.


Sufio automatically creates invoices from every order placed in your store. Invoices can be created when an order is created, paid or fulfilled. Invoices can be sent to customers automatically by email or you can include links to download them from your store. With Sufio, you can get paid faster by accepting credit card payments for invoices that haven’t been paid during the checkout. Sufio allows to capture VAT numbers from European business customers and automatically set them as tax exempt in Shopify.



Nowadays, over 3,150 stores trust us with their invoices. Sufio is used by online stores from over 75 countries — from hundreds of Shopify Plus stores like MVMT and Anova to the Australian government. A fresh new platform incorporating UX/UI best practices - all invoices are fully compliant with accounting legislation worldwide, and professionally translated to over 30 languages. At the same time, the admin user editing inteface is user-friendly, which makes it accessible for any store owner. In case of any difficulties or inquiries our professional technical support team will provide a solution or set up the module in matter of hours.