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Client: Gaiam

Sector: e-shopping

Market(s): United States


We want to do more—help more, live more, be more active. But the idea that we have to be perfect at everything we do sometimes holds us back. So at Gaiam they try to embrace every part of our perfectly imperfect selves—especially when it comes to yoga. That’s why they make yoga, fitness and wellness products for you, just as you are—from the beginner in you to the expert in you.



Nowadays, products and accessories for yoga and sports are sold everywhere - at the local stores and at the internet stores: e.g. eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress and much more local and international stores. However, not all the products fit the customer requirements, as they may be not safe enough or even not certified. When it comes to yoga, one should be very careful while picking the sports equipments and accessories, as this is the only key for safe and healthy excercises.
That’s why creating a specilalized yoga and fitness store which will be selling only safe and certified products is a key for good start.


At official Gaiam store we have developed nice and user-friendly search elements with desired size, color, materials (or multiple materials used) which helps to find a needed equipment pretty fast. The store is also available from all sort of the mobile devices to browse and select the required product anytime.



Gaiam International is committed to the strategic expansion of our Mind - Body - Health Fitness Concept into international markets using thoughtful, deliberate, and localized considerations. We offer dedicated expertise in the international market development of brands, categories, and fitness-media products, and they are committed to working together with their global partners to successfully build unique store-within-a-store concept toward a long term and sustainable presence in each market. E-store is a one of the key parts to complete this objective, as nowadays eveyrhing is in the web and should be accessible within few taps or clicks.