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Sector: e-shopping

Market(s): Worldwide


The Dystryct is a curated online directory for creatives (starting with music artist and music industry professionals). The platform will be a curated directory including music related resources (ranging from music recording platforms/software to marketing sites). Revenue steam will range from affiliate marketing links, sponsored resources and eventually online store (ecommerce element).



Because of one’s heavy involvement in a music artists career as well as managing her, we feel that sometimes it can be overwhelming to manage everything at the same time. It may require additional tools to keep eveyrthing going.


This directory will help music artist who are struggling to find relevant resources quickly PAIN POINTS - scattered information and resources across 10-15 different sites - Lack of understanding where to start when creating their projects - Difficult to find new/relevant information or resources that are hard to find.



At the Dystryct we spend our time managing influential music sharing communities and helping them grow on major platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. Collectively our branded channels, playlists and communities share music to over 65 million followers and generate over 1.3 billion monthly streams for independent artists, record labels and major rights holders all over the world.