We're Your Partner in Your Success

We will be glad to meet you as our valuable partner. 

Fortuna-IT is a full service IT provider. We provide comprehensive and cost effective IT solutions. We are not just Outsourcing development and staff for you. We are providing full-cycle turnkey solutions.

Starting from Research & Development done by our professional management and analytics team and till 24/7/365 online tech support for your website. We are providing best ideas, solutions and staff for you. We fight for your success like no one else. And we are the best at it. 

On any stage and any type of a job required Fortuna-IT is your best friend on your way to make your business successful and profitable. 

Our team not only providing highest level development but also a TurnKey solutions for your business, security and SEO. Our team not only making great service but also solving all your problems for quite competitive price. Our team not only a group of high-level developers but wee are also the ones who care about your project and those who makes the best for your success. 

Meet Our Team

We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern
websites, web services and online stores.
Sandy Adams
Sandy Adams
Lead PM
Aleksandra Saviuk
Aleksandra Saviuk
Head of R&D
Artem Kostenko
Artem Kostenko
Head of Design dept.
Melody Pickles
Melody Pickles
Marketing Director

Our Skills

It is really hard to list all our skills and expertise. So we try to explain it that way!

Back-end Development
UI/UX Design
Research & Analytics

Our Mission

Our mission is to earn money, that is true.
However we have our own vision of earning money.  First of all we see our success and profit in your project success.  We are not just charging you for the services and time spent with you.  We also investigate, research, analyze and do our best to recommend you different solutions, find out the way to make your project even more better, even more successful and make profit for you.

Finally our dream is not to charge you at all and just do the best. We are sure that happy and successful client will pay even more then we dream about, just to be on the top with our skills and efforts for always.  

Happy Clients
Work Completed
Telephonic Talk
Cups of Coffee


Main our advantage is that we are solving your problems and providing solutions. However here is a few more!


We are always Looking forward to use and learn most modern practices and technologies. We never stop learning something new, that is why your product will use highest quality technologies and practices. 


Even ready-made solutions have to be tweaked for your specific needs. We detect your main goals and ideas, understand your budgets and risks and then searching for the best solution for you. 


Nowadays we have billions of a websites, web-pages and different products and solutions on market. And your own website or product have to be creative and interesting for your targeted audience. And we’ll do it!


Most of the projects has to be done by different professionals: Business analyst, designer, developers, SEO specialist & sales/support staff.  And our PM will configure and optimize the work of a team the best!

Technology Driven

Even in case of limited budgets and terms our main goal is to use the best technologies and to use it right. For sure our highest level of technology and development will save much time and money for you. 

Trust Building

Not only for our staff, but also to build our trust with you. We are listening patiently and checking each detail. We are not arguing but explaining a lot, as much as we are working on your success.